Robins and Raindrops ...

Doves and Precious

Memories of Bygone Birthdays

They come together much like a patchwork quilt ... all Cozy and Warm... and lovable. Publisher George saw his first Robin on February 29 Leap Day Sunday. I saw mine in my Maple tree outside our double kitchen windows. They do remind us, Spring is on its welcome way.

Those of us who have Girl Scouts in our midst realize they have a big Birthday, too. As with all Birthday Celebrants, they mark both the past and the future.

* * * * *

Girl Scout Week Celebrates the Future & the past

Girl Scouts of Badger Council will celebrate the future and the history of Girl Scouting during the week of March 7 - 13, 2004.

As Girl Scouting looks forward to the future, the organization is focused on renewed efforts to serve all girls. With the increased demographic diversity in the twenty-first century, Girl Scouting will go on playing a key role in helping girls learn to live together harmoniously. Committed to meeting the unique needs of girls, the organization will continue to offer them opportunities for exploring new career paths. And it will keep preparing them for expanded roles in a changing society while holding on to the timeless values that have made the Girl Scout experience rich and meaningful for all girls.

The annual Girl Scout Week commemorates the founding of Girl Scouting in the United States by Juliette Gordon Low. Low and her cousin registered the first Girl Scout troop on March 12, 1912 -Girl Scouting's birthday. Girl Scouts celebrate this event every year during Girl Scout Week. In 1954, the 42nd celebration, Girl Scouts established seven days of service:

* Monday was designated Homemaking Day,

* Tuesday was Citizenship Day,

* Wednesday was Health and Safety Day,

* Thursday was International Friendship Day,

* Friday was Girl Scout Birthday, as well as Arts and Crafts Day, and

* Saturday was Outdoors Day.

Girl Scouting in the 21st century got off to a running start with new resources and programs that continue to address the needs of girls and help ensure that Girl Scouting will be available for every girl, everywhere. Recent activity highlights include:

* Publishing brand-new resources and producing contemporary "cool" uniform components for all ages - from Daisy to Senior Girl Scouts;

* Developing new programs and collaborations to work with girls in addressing today's top issues, including violence prevention, use of technology, and adjustment to life in a fast-changing world; and

* Launching of the Girl Scout Research Institute, which has established Girl Scouts as a premier place to go for information on the development of girls.

Girl Scouts of Badger Council is a United Way agency serving more than 7,800 girls and adult volunteers in Rock, Walworth, Green and northern Winnebago counties. To volunteer, join as a member or make a donation, please call the program service center at 608-362-8922 or 800-362-3226 or visit